9 Things to Consider as You Prepare for Your Nose Surgery

9 Things to Consider as You Prepare for Your Nose Surgery

Now that you’ve found your preferred plastic surgeon, it’s time to start thinking about your rhinoplasty procedure.

Even though your surgeon will provide you with specific pre and post care instructions based on your unique needs, there are a few general recommendations that all rhinoplasty patients will find helpful.

9 Ways to Prepare for Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Here are a few things that you can do in the weeks leading up to your surgery to enhance your recovery and your results

Certain supplements and medications will need to be cut out. Two weeks before your rhinoplasty procedure, you will need to cut out any supplements or medications that could lead to excess bleeding. Common items that make it onto this list include vitamin E, ibuprofen and aspirin. Bring along a list of any supplements, medications and meal replacement programs that you’re on to your consultation with Dr Michael Zacharia so that he can help you plan accordingly.

Time to quit smoking. While this is not something that many patients want to hear, quitting smoking the month before your surgery can make a big difference to your results and your recovery.

You’re going to need a good lip balm. Unfortunately, you will spend a decent amount of time breathing through your mouth during your recovery, which is why it helps to have a good quality lip balm and lots of water within arm’s reach once you’re home.

Head to a pharmacy before your procedure. By making a point of being more organised prior to your surgery, you can focus on resting and recovering once you get home. Stock up on any of your regular medications or prescriptions ahead of time to make the recovery process that much easier.

Arrange for someone to drive you home. Since you won’t be able to drive after your rhinoplasty procedure, it’s important to arrange for someone to take you home and to help you out for several weeks after your surgery.

Be clear on what you hope to achieve. If you are feeling uncertain about your procedure, sit down and discuss your concerns with your surgeon. It’s important to feel comfortable with every aspect of your procedure and to have realistic expectations about your results.

Take care of all strenuous activities before your surgery. You won’t be able to do any heavy lifting until you’re completely recovered, so take care of any strenuous activities now.

Choose your outfits carefully. You don’t want to wear anything that you need to lift over your head so pick out a few outfits that include button-up shirts and blouses.

Ask for help. You are going to need some help for a few days after your surgery, especially if you’re the parent of young children. If you don’t have a live-in partner, arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you for a few days. From helping you with meals to fetching your children from school, you’ll definitely be glad you asked for help.

When it comes to surgery, stupid questions don’t exist. Being prepared for and comfortable with your rhinoplasty procedure will help you have a better surgical experience.

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